During my internship at TrialCard amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the office was undergoing significant changes preparing for employees to safely return to work.
I designed a series of engaging posters and floor decals promoting social distancing at 8 TrialCard locations across North America.
Each TrialCard office has a theme, so all of the signage I created expands upon these themes while adhering to universal company brand standards, for a result that is personalized to each location and employee, yet unified in message and distinctly TrialCard. 
TrialCard Gateway in Morrisville, NC
North Carolina Mountains
TrialCard 5150 in Morrisville, NC
North Carolina Beaches & Lighthouses
TrialCard Patient Experience Center in Cary, NC
ACC Coaches
TrialCard Warehouse in Morrisville, NC & TC Script Pharmacy in Scottsdale, AZ
TrialCard Kansas City in Kansas City, MO
Kansas City Sports Teams
Policy Reporter in Vancouver, British Columbia
Canadian Wilderness
TrialCard Headquarters in Morrisville, NC
ACC Teams
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