Yum yum sauce is one of the best parts of eating at Hibachi-style restaurants, but for those looking to take that experience home, the product is hidden in Asian food aisles and wears a boring and dated label. Despite being served at Japanese teppanyaki restaurants, the sauce itself is an entirely American creation.
I wanted to remove the perception that Terry Ho’s yum yum sauce is a specialty item only served with Asian food, and instead, communicate that this sauce is a way to bring the best parts of dining out to the kitchen table.
I redesigned the bottle to communicate its versatility and promote it as a must-have condiment for easy meals the whole family will love. The bold title grabs the attention of shoppers and the food illustrations on the label provide some ideas of what to use the product on. The use of red stimulates the appetite while paying homage to the red hats worn by hibachi chefs.
The original bottle has a wide mouth meant for pouring the sauce, but the contents come out fast and the bottle often gets sticky. The new bottle I selected has a twisting top with a small opening that’s kid-friendly and easier to control. The plastic material remained the same to keep this product affordable, but the new shape and playful label communicate that this is a sauce that will make the whole family happy.
This piece won Best in Packaging in AEJMC’s Best of Design contest
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